What is the definition of "Public Safety?"

Hello St. Louis County Prop P Supporters

When you supported Prop P, did you really mean to vote for raises for accountants, information specialists, office supervisors, personnel specialists, storekeeper, IT supervisor, executive secretary, volunteer coordinator, network manager, office assistants, continuing education coordinator, fiscal services specialists?  Or did you think your money was only going to be spent on First Responders? These are just some of the positions being funded with your Prop P money.

The link above shows each position (person) receiving Prop P funds and the amount added to their paycheck in 2018.   Decide for yourself.  Is this what you expected? 

All of the TV ads and other media used police officers to sell Prop P.  I don't remember seeing office assistants selling Prop P to the voters.  Yes, we were misled, once again.  It's called "Bait & Switch."  Many of the non-First Responder positions may be worthy of a raise - but not from Prop P funds!

When will the Prop P money run out and can no longer fund what YOU wanted to be funded???

Let's fix this problem before it's too late & you have to be asked for more of your hard-earned tax dollars.